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  • Apr 25th 2015 - announcement
    A hell of a time to thank for
    After 5 years of hard work, creative sessions and epic parties Blacksmith Records closes its doors. We say good bye and thank everybody helping us in doing such great small underground business as Blacksmith Records has been. All the best. See you in next life!

  • Jul 10th 2014 - album anouncement
    Miseo - Lunatic Confessions
    MISEO is going to release their first long player LUNATIC DONFESSIONS on BLACKSMITH RECORDS the 3rd of September 2014. The promotion is ongoing and the band is really hot to signify their very specific interpretation of death metal. The album is mixed by Timo Schwämmlein and mastered by Desert Inn Studios.

  • Jan 28th 2014 - signing
    Brewed And Canned
    Time to thrash around some death metal shit again. BREWED AND CANNED from Vienna make their debut on Blacksmith Records. Beer is all they need to fire up their death metal machine. On 16th of April in 2014 the first long player EXECUTE THE INNOCENT will be available to blast your fuckin ears to fuckin deafness.

  • Jan 14th 2014 - announcement
    Arroganz leaves the label
    After almost 4 years, 2 full length albums, 1 EP and shedloads of gigs we honorably want to say good bye to Arroganz. It was a great time in which both, the label and the band hugely benefit from each other. Thanks for that and good luck for the future. PRAISE THE KULT!

  • Sep 9th 2013 - signing
    No entertainment for marginal groups, no crude-destroy-everything-didactics, no assimilated bootlickersongwriting. On their first selftitled EP Discure convinces with great grind core on a technical top level. Already in 2014, they will release their first LP as well.

  • Jun 9th 2013 - signing
    Vermin - Mind Control
    The franconian cult-death metallers of VERMIN unleash their new album MIND CONTROL via BLACKSMITH RECORDS onto the Death Metal Underground. Finally the heavily grooving powerhouse, that VERMIN is delivering to the metal scene for 10 years by now, will be available on CD.

  • May 27th 2013 - signing
    Miseo - The Dead Will Predominate
    The German extreme metallers of MISEO have inked a deal with Blacksmith Records for the release of their first EP "The Dead Will Predominate". The Demo was produced in the mighty Desert Inn Studios from Edingen and will be available throughout Europe from 23rd of August, 2013.

  • Jan 18th 2013 - announcement
    Arroganz - kaos.kult.kreation
    The new album of Arroganz "kaos.kult.kreation" will be published march 13th, 2013 on blacksmith records. It will be available as a limited, numbered vinyl edition and a extremely limited handmade, numbered MC edition with hand-drawn cover-artwork.

  • Nov 21st 2012 - announcement
    Ritual Killing - New Tribe
    Ritual Killing is going to release their full-length debut album NEW TRIBE. It's release will be celebrated with an annihilating show under the sign of the apocalypse on the 21st of December 2012, supported by ROGASH, ARROGANZ and MORTAL STRIKE, followed by a tour across Germany.

  • Sep 23th 2011 - announcement
    Sintech - Schlampenfeuer
    The synthetic death sinners of Sintech finish their work on "Schlampenfeuer" and publish the date of release on Dec 2nd 2011 at Paddys Irish Pub in Coburg, Germany. Afterwards, they are back on stage. Booking-requests to:

  • Aug 21st 2011 - signing
    Schlei�e Stankend Gliud
    People, a new iron age has just begun! The martial lech monsters of "Schleisse Stankend Gliud" from Guben, Germany are know part of the Blacksmith Guild and are proud to herold the re-release of their latest LP "Definitiv Morsch" at Sep 17th on Blacksmith Records.

  • Jun 3rd 2010 - signing
    Ritual Killing
    Metalheads all over the world, take care!!! The guild of the blacksmiths has a new member: The uprising Deathmetal-Fanatics of Ritual Killing signed their first label contract at Blacksmith Records!
    Their newest stuff will be recorded in July 2010 and released as soon as the world's going to be ready for that heavy shit. Keep your ears open!

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